Henryetta Iron and Metal

About this Superfund Site

Site Information (click to expand)

Location: Henryetta, Okmulgee County, Oklahoma

Township and Range: NE 1/4 SE 1/4 of Section 11, Township 11N, Range 12E

Latitude/Longitude: 35.439996, -95.999803

Site Type: Metal Salvage Yard

Area: ~3 acres

National Priorities List: Final on September 3, 2020

Current Status: Remedial Investigation

Hazardous Ranking System Documentation Record

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Contact Information (click to expand)

Chanh Le – DEQ Site Project Manager – (405) 702-5102

Makenna Hartman – DEQ Backup Project Manager – (405) 702-5159

Sam Cheek – EPA Remedial Project Manager – (972) 977-1579

Erin Hatfield – DEQ Press Contact – (405) 702-7119

Site History/Background (click to expand)

Site History and Background:

Henryetta Iron and Metal operations consisted of acquiring an assortment of metal-containing objects from various sources for recycling.  The property has been used as a metal salvage yard since the 1930s.  Other businesses that have occupied the property include a blacksmith, motor freight lines, a welding facility, and a pipe and supply company.  Electrical transformers containing Polychlorinated Biphenyls were reportedly recycled on-site beginning in the 1950s.

DEQ began its CERCLA site assessment in 2016 starting with the Preliminary Assessment.  In 2017, DEQ completed a Site Inspection that included environmental sampling of nearby residential properties and Dutch Creek.  In 2018, DEQ completed an Expanded Site Inspection that included environmental sampling of on-site soils and Dutch Creek.  In 2019, DEQ collectected additional samples of on-site soils after EPA’s Removal Action was completed.

Cleanup Information (click to expand)

Cleanup Information:

Removal History:

In 2010, EPA Emergency Removal and DEQ screened on-site drums and found radiation levels as high as 1.2 millirems per hour.  The facility owner was then instructed to over-pack and secure for disposal.

In 2018, after DEQ found on-site contamination in nearby residential yards, EPA Emergency Removal conducted a removal action on affected residential properties and the city right-of-way.  The removal action involved the removal of contaminated soils as well as the construction of an earthen berm, property contouring, and a fence to control future contamination migration back onto the remediated residential areas.

Regulatory Profile:

Sources of Contamination:  Improper waste storage and disposal practices has contaminated soils on-site and Dutch Creek.

Contaminants of Concern:  Polychlorinated Biphenyls, Metals, and PAHs

Media Affected:  Soil, Sediments, and Groundwater

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