Radiation Management

**Industrial Radiography Tests Cancelled for March 23 and April 20, 2020**

Industrial Radiography Certification Exam


Industrial Radiography is a non-destructive testing method that uses ionizing radiation such as gamma rays or x-rays to make radiographic images for the purpose of detecting flaws in objects. Industrial Radiographers must pass a certifying exam in order to perform these duties in the State of Oklahoma.

How to Apply

DEQ FORM #410-5-1     Application for Industrial Radiography Exam

DEQ FORM #410-5-2     Radiographer Qualifications

DEQ FORM #410-5-3     On-The-Job-Training Record

DEQ FORM #410-5-4     Request for Disability Accommodation

New Procedures for Obtaining Agency Issued Licenses/Certifications (Citizen Affidavit)

Send applications to RadCert@deq.ok.gov


Additional Information