Air Permits

Updated Version of General Permit for Oil and Gas Facilities (GP OGF)
AQD issued the updated version of the General Permit for Oil and Gas Facilities (GP OGF) on July 1, 2022. This new GP OGF has been updated to meet current EPA criteria for enforceability while also providing additional flexibility to regulated sources. Additional information is available on the General Permits webpage

AQD operates a dual permitting system — construction permits and operating permits — to control major and minor sources of air pollution.

  • A construction permit application is required before a new source is constructed or an existing source is modified.
  • AQD issues the construction permit after it is determined the source is designed to meet applicable rules and pre-construction requirements.
  • An operating permit is issued after construction is completed and demonstration is made that the source is capable of meeting applicable emissions limitations and air pollution control requirements.

Power plant turbine


Web application for Air Quality permit application submittal and management

E-Permitting Helpdesk (email)

Permit Guidance

Policy and guidance documents to aid in application submittal

🖩 Storage Tank Emissions Calculation Tool – for fixed roof and horizontal organic liquid storage tanks

General Permits & Permits-by-Rule

Streamlined permitting mechanisms for certain common industry categories that have similar operations, emissions, and regulatory applicability

Forms & Applications

Forms are grouped by industry sector

Public Participation & Issued Permits

Draft Permits for Public Participation

Air Permits Open for Public Petition

Permit Application Status

Issued PSD and ACI Permits

Permits issued over the past year


Contact the Air Permits Division

405-702-4100 (ask for Permitting Assistance)

Mailing Address

For submittal of a Notice of Modification under the Oil and Gas General Permit (GP) and a Notice of Enforceability under the Oil and Gas Permit By Rule (PBR), email

For all other submittals and questions: Email: Contact Richard Kienlen / Phillip Fielder

Go to our Contacts page for specific questions on air permit issues