Environmental Assessments & Reviews (NEPA)

Many community improvement projects rely on public grants or private funding to assist with project costs. When public monies are used, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) generally requires an evaluation of environmental impacts associated with the project. Private lenders also will frequently require such an assessment. DEQ’s Office of External Affairs coordinates environmental impact reviews for areas under DEQ jurisdiction.

When a request for an environmental impact review is received, OEA consults with DEQ’s air, land, water, and local services divisions to identify environmental issues and regulatory requirements that should be considered during the project. Once our review is completed, OEA will send a response to the requestor summarizing our findings.

Submitting a Request
Requests may be mailed or emailed and should include the following information, at a minimum:

  • Project name.
  • Brief project description, including year of construction for building renovation projects.
  • Project Location. GPS coordinates are greatly desired. Other location information, such as street address or section/township/range, may also be included. GPS coordinates do not have to be surveyed. Coordinates from DEQ’s Data Viewer, Google Earth, or a similar source will be sufficient. Decimal degrees to three places are preferred, rather than degrees/minutes/seconds.

Maps, project drawings, or other visual reference material may be included and will frequently assist us with our review.

Mailed requests may be submitted to:

Environmental Review Coordinator
Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality
P. O. Box 1677
Oklahoma City, OK 73101-1677

Please note that our review and response are based solely upon the information submitted. Material changes to that information may affect the results of our review. We try to have a response within two weeks. Responses will be provided via email when an email address is given; otherwise, responses will be sent via regular mail.

Jon Roberts
Senior Manager
Office of External Affairs
Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality
(405) 702-7111