Business & Regulatory Assistance

Technical & Permit Assistance

DEQ believes environmental protection is best achieved through positive incentives rather than penalties. We can help identify measures that will reduce or eliminate pollution at its source. We offer our expertise in DEQ’s field of technology and assist by providing businesses and communities with cutting edge training and knowledge. Our experts from Air, Water, Land, and ECLS can collaborate with your business to achieve compliance with DEQ’s rules and regulations.

DEQ has authority to issue permits, licenses, certificates, approvals, registrations, and other authorizations (permits) and a multitude of programs. One of the primary functions of OBRA is to help new and existing businesses cut through the regulatory fog to obtain permits as quickly as possible.  For further detailed information regarding permit assistance see our permit assistance page.

Compliance Assistance

We are here to help businesses, federal facilities, local governments, and tribes meet environmental requirements. DEQ staff can help you achieve compliance through one-on-one counseling, online resources, publications, and training. We encourage prompt, self-reporting and voluntary disclosure. A facility’s actions following discovery of a violation are relevant in determining the type and amount of any penalties.

Small Business Assistance

Section 507 of the 1990 Clean Air Act requires that all U.S. States have a small business assistance program. DEQ provides businesses with free and confidential technical assistance on multiple environmental requirements. We are set up to support small businesses and help you to understand and comply with state and federal environmental regulations.

Lloyd Kirk, Director
Office of Business & Regulatory Affairs
office: (405) 702-7105