General Permits & Permits by Rule

The Air Quality Division (AQD) has issued general permits (GPs) and/or Permits by Rule (PBRs) for several categories of industries listed below.

NOTE: PDF versions of forms have been linked. Visit the Air Forms page for Microsoft Word versions.

General Permits

Air Curtain IncineratorsArea Source NESHAP & Small NSPS FacilitiesChromium Electroplating & AnodizingDry CleaningHalogenated Solvent DegreasingHot Mix AsphaltNon-Metallic Mineral ProcessingOil & Gas FacilitiesPrinting, Packaging, Publishing

Final Permit July 1, 2022

Statement of Basis (memo) July 1, 2022


For submittal of a Notice of Modification under the Oil and Gas General Permit and a Notice of Enforceability under the Oil and Gas Permit By Rule:


OLD 2008 Oil And Gas General Permit:

Final Permit (December 18, 2008)

Statement of Basis (memo) (December 18, 2008)

Note: All facilities constructing or operating under the previous GP-OGF are subject to and must comply with the updated GP-OGF (2022) within 24 months of its issuance date and all facilities will automatically be authorized as Class II facilities unless you elect to transition through a Notice of Modification or New Authorization.

Permits By Rule (PBR)