Radiation Management

Disposal Information

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Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 252:515-19-31(a) Prohibited Wastes 

(a) Hazardous, radioactive, regulated PCB waste. The disposal of any quantity of hazardous, radioactive, or regulated polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) waste at a solid waste disposal facility is prohibited.

X-ray Machine Disposal

  • Some of the heavy metal constituents in the tube housing cannot be disposed of in a municipal landfill.
  • If the X-ray system was manufactured before 1979 the owner must have the oils tested for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs, or chlorinated hydrocarbons) that may have been used as coolant fluids. These are regulated by the EPA as toxic substances and must be dealt with as such.
  • The best course of action is to contact a commercial X-ray assembler to disable, disassemble, or dispose of the equipment. This may be best accomplished by contacting the machine manufacturer. Notice of disposal should be made to DEQ.
  • Equipment can also be donated to other institutions or sold to other permit holding entities. Notice of transfer should be made if the machine is sold or donated.
  • Also available are electronic recycling avenues and metal recycling facilities. These facilities will more than likely only take parts that do not contain heavy metals and or any PCBs. If there are no contaminants a municipal landfill will most likely be an option as well.
  • The tube should not be broken because X-ray tubes are under vacuum; they may cause harm to the person(s) breaking them from the shattered glass fragments.
  • One way to render an X-ray machine inoperable is to cut the power cord or in some other way disable it from being actuated.