Voluntary Cleanup Program

What is the Voluntary Cleanup Program?

The Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) provides a means for private parties and government entities to voluntarily investigate and, if warranted, clean up properties that may be contaminated. VCP utilizes a negotiated process for site activities. Sites in the VCP generally have the option to enter the Brownfields Program if the participant requests. VCP includes sites ranging from old oil refineries with multiples sources of contamination that affect hundreds of acres to sites less than an acre with a single source of contamination.

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Frequently Asked Questions (click to expand)

How do I enter the VCP?

Call the VCP program Manager to set up a pre-application meeting.

Who may apply?

Property owners, consultants, or attorneys

However, please note that if the property is under a DEQ or EPA cleanup order, it may not qualify for the VCP program.

When may I apply?

It is always better to work with the DEQ prior to beginning although you may apply at anytime, including:

  • Before conducting the cleanup
  • During the performance of the cleanup

What screening levels are accepted?

DEQ will generally use EPA’s Regional Screening Level (RSL) tables for screening purposes.¬† More information can be found in the Risk-Based Decision Making for Site Cleanup and the Risk-Based Cleanup Levels for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) Fact Sheets.

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