Assistance for Citizens, Communities and Local Governments

The main goal of Office of Business and Regulatory Affairs (OBRA) is to make regulatory compliance easier for communities and local governments, while considering their limited resources. We offer citizens a connection to information and tools that can help protect your community’s environment.  We are here to help residents, leaders, and teachers with information and publications on how to safeguard our state’s precious resources.

Citizen Assistance and Participation

OBRA encourages citizens and communities to get involved with the Environmental Quality Board (EQB) and DEQ’s advisory councils. By doing so, citizens and communities will reap environmental benefits, cost savings, and improved quality of life.  Citizens can ask questions, provide input, and report issues that are important and relate directly to their community.  Our processes are open and transparent, and we believe everyone should have a seat at the table.

For more information on the board and advisory councils, visit  Boards and Councils.

Citizens are DEQ’s eyes and ears when it comes to natural or man-made disasters.  We suggest citizens call our reporting hotline (1-800-522-0206) for any environmental concerns. We are here to educate, assist, and partner with citizens and communities to improve Oklahoma’s environment.

Local Governments – Technical, Regulatory, & Compliance Assistance

OBRA can assist in developing a broad understanding of environmental and health risks at the local level, setting priorities, and taking action to build healthy communities. We can help you understand what laws apply to you, permit applications, and environmental regulations involving air quality, water quality, hazardous waste, and solid waste. We provide tools and resources and offer confidential technical assistance to local governments without the threat of enforcement.


Other Helpful Information

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For assitance, please AskDEQ or call (800) 869-1400