Experiencing Permitting Obstacles?

Do you have a permit application that is being reviewed by DEQ staff? 
Do you have ongoing disagreements with the provisions of your permit?

DEQ technical staff strive to process environmental permits in a way that is professional, protective of the environment and compliant with all requirements without creating an undue hardship for the regulated community. DEQ knows that in spite of our best efforts to provide meaningful feedback to the regulated community, a permit applicant and DEQ staff may not always agree on the specifics of certain tentative permit decisions.

If you are experiencing problems or disagreements in the processing of your DEQ permit, we first encourage you to consult with the appropriate Division staff reviewing your permit. After attempting to resolve the issue through working with staff, if you still believe there are obstacles in the processing of your permit, please use the link below to submit a form for the review of your problem to me. I will then contact you to discuss your concerns.

This additional review may not result in the matter being settled according to your wishes, but every effort will be made to find a solution to the problem. We want you to understand DEQ’s position and to know that we look for solutions that are fair, reasonable, and use a common sense approach.

Thank you.

Saba Tahmassebi, Ph.D., P.E.
Agency Chief Engineer

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