Laboratory Services & Fees



Effective July 1, 2022, the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality will begin assessing customers a merchant fee in the amount of 2.25% of the amount due if paying via credit or debit card.

Additionally, a portal fee of $2.00 will be charged for each transaction paid by a credit or debit card.

For questions regarding the above-referenced transaction fees or to inquire about payment options, please email or call (405)702-1130.

DEQ also accepts checks, money orders, and cash.
However, the State Environmental Laboratory does not have a cashier. Any person paying with cash will have to take an estimated charges report to the second floor cashier. This will require passage through security. The receipt of payment must then be returned to the laboratory sample receipt area as proof of cash payment.


For a list of available analytical testing and current fees, click on the image below.

Clickable Image Laboratory Services and Fees Graphic

Clickable Image Laboratory Services and Fees Graphic

Lab Services Fee Schedule Fiscal Year 2024

– Effective 7/1/2023 through 6/30/2024 –



There are several options available to customers who need paperwork and sampling supplies for laboratory analysis with the State Environmental Laboratory.  You may call or email the laboratory so that we may assist in providing paperwork and sampling containers.  It is always best to call the laboratory so that we can collect your customer information, log samples and appropriate or requested tests, provide necessary paperwork and correct sampling materials. Or, you may print the forms below if you do not have time to contact the laboratory before sampling.  The chain of custody is a required sample collection form used to document the customer, sample information like collection location, date and time, and tests requested in addition to custody of the samples.  The customer profile form is used to create new accounts or update accounts on file for customers and to let us know reporting and payment contacts.



Please visit our Sample Collection Assistance page for more information, forms, sampling instructions and video guides.