Online Payments

Beginning on July 1, 2022, the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality will begin assessing customers making any payment via credit or debit card a merchant fee in the amount of 2.25% of the credit/debit  card payment amount.  Additionally, DEQ will also charge a portal fee of $2.00 for each transaction paid by a credit or debit card.  Customers paying by electronic check/ACH transaction will be assessed a merchant fee of $1.00.  For questions regarding the above-referenced fees, please email

Thank you.

Issues with the Online Payments application may occur if using mobile devices or Apple computers. We recommend using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge on a PC.


Pay online for on-site sewage authorizations/permits to construct, soil tests, existing system evaluations, and well evaluations quickly and easily, 24-hours a day.

All request for services must contain your “Section, Township, and Range”. This information may be obtained from the deed or county assessor’s office.

Request for Onsite Services

Request for Authorization/Permit to Construct an Onsite Sewage Treatment System

Please note that, pursuant to OAC 252:4-7-5, DEQ refund policy is in effect;
1) Refunds will not be given for requests in which services have been provided (i.e., authorizations that have been issued, or soil tests that have been completed).
2) For requests that are less than 30 days old and services have not been provided, a written request must be submitted in order to receive a refund. If a refund is issued, DEQ will retain 15% of the total amount to cover administrative costs.

The entire on-site sewage rule may be found at: 252:641 Individual and Small Public Onsite Sewage Treatment Systems