Public Participation & Issued Permits

The Air Quality Division has several ways the public and industry can follow and participate in the air permitting process.

Air Quality Public Participation Guide (PDF)

Public Participation

Draft Permits for Public Participation – The public is allowed to review and possibly comment within a 30-day period on the following draft permits:

  • Major source construction permits
  • Title V (TV / Part 70) operating and TV renewal permits
  • Significant modifications to major source construction and TV operating permits

This period starts from the date of Notice of Publication. The start date provided may not always be the publication date. Sign up for our Air Permits mailing list to receive notice of permits for public review.

Air Permits Open for Public Petition

Listings of Active Air Permit Applications and Issued Permits

Check the Current Status of Your Permit Application – updated monthly

Issued PSD Permits – updated monthly

Issued authorizations for Air Curtain Incinerators (ACIs) – updated monthly

Permits issued over the past year – including applicability determinations

Files of all issued permits and permit applications under consideration are available for public review at our office.