Waste Management



This program contains two sections.  The Permitting and Corrective Action group reviews permit applications and writes permits for hazardous and solid waste sites. These sites include permitted treatment, storage, disposal, and recycling units; and transfer facilities. It also oversees Corrective Action permits at various state and federal sites. The Compliance and Enforcement group conducts compliance inspections at hazardous waste generator facilities, permitted facilities, investigates complaints, operates the disposal plan system, and oversees industrial hazardous waste in general.

The Solid Waste Unit includes two sections.  The Solid Permitting Section reviews permit applications and writes permits for solid waste disposal facilities including landfills, transfer stations, processing facilities, composting facilities, and regulated medical waste management facilities. The Solid Waste Compliance Section conducts inspections of solid waste permitted facilities, investigates complaints, and provides guidance for the disposal of general solid waste.