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Radiation Management Advisory Council

The Radiation Management Advisory Council (RMAC) serves as the initial rulemaking body for the LPD and operates under the authority of the Oklahoma Radiation Management Act. The RMAC holds public hearings, reviews radiation management issues, and provides expertise about various radiation management issues. All radiation management rules and regulations must first be reviewed and approved by the RMAC before being recommended to the Environmental Quality Board. Once approved by the Environmental Quality Board, the rules proceed to the State Legislature and the Governor for final approval. The Council is composed of nine members who represent specific areas of expertise as described by 27A O.S. § 2-2-201(F), the Oklahoma Environmental Quality Code.

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Name Appointed By Representing
George MacDurmon, Chair President Pro Tempore of the Senate Faculty of institute of higher learning of university status
Vacant Governor Environmental organization
Carl Noble Governor Industry which uses sources of radiation
Chad Mashburn Speaker of the House of Representatives Petroleum Industry
Christopher Honigsberg President Pro Tempore of the Senate General Public
L. David Alcorn President Pro Tempore of the Senate Industrial Radiography
Shawn Heldebrandt Speaker of the House of Representatives Medical Industry
Todd Lynn Governor Engineering Profession
Vacant Speaker of the House of Representatives Transportation Industry

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