Air Compliance/​Enforcement

The Air Quality Division revised its Penalty Guidance document in November 2019 and began implementation on January 1, 2020. The Compliance and Enforcement group uses this guidance to determine if an administrative penalty is required and to assess penalty amounts. This guidance helps us consistently apply penalties to similar violations.
DEQ believes that a strong compliance/enforcement program is necessary to an effective regulatory system.

The AQD Compliance/Enforcement group is responsible for conducting inspections of air pollution sources, responding to citizens’ complaints, observing and evaluating emission tests, tracking and evaluating excess emissions/malfunctions, and the implementation of a host of federal requirements.

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Reporting & Guidance

  • Excess Emission Reporting
  • Self-Disclosure
  • Annual & Semi-Annual Reporting
  • Stack Testing


Asbestos renovation and/or demolition notices are required to be submitted to the Air Quality Division (AQD) when certain project conditions exist.

Compliance Contacts

Hotlines and workgroup leads. For general compliance and enforcement questions, call 405-702-4100.