Air Forms

This page lists official Air Quality Division forms. Air forms also can be searched using the Document Search.

NOTE: Please use PDF versions if you want to print out a form. Some PDFs are fillable. Word versions are available but may have printing errors with some web browsers.

Common Air FormsEmissions InventoryPermitting and ComplianceCompliance/EnforcementLead-Based Paint / RRP
Emissions Inventory and Permitting
Permitting and Compliance
Compliance & Enforcement
Lead-Based Paint and RRP
Oil & Gas Industry
The Lead-Based Paint program is transitioning to electronic forms using the nForm system. To register for an account, click the nForm Home button below. Registration is currently not working properly within individual forms.
nForm Home DEQ has created the following guidance and training videos to help users with nForm. Videos have been grouped in a Youtube playlist.

Training Facilities
Lead-Based Paint Activities Certification
Renovation, Repair & Painting (RRP) Certification
For Lead-Based Paint Contractors (not RRP)