Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find contact information for my local DEQ representative?

Where can I find certified installers that work in my area?

How do I obtain a septic system permit, soil test, well evaluation or septic evaluation?

Where can I obtain a copy of my septic system record?

I want to become a certified pumper/installer/soil profiler. How do I apply?

What is a Minor Public Water Supply System?

Any water system that has fewer than 15 connections and fewer than 25 people that provide water to the public is a minor public water supply system. The complete definition and rules for minor public water supply systems can be found at: OAC 252:624

What types of facilities are Minor Water Systems?

These types of water systems may include, but are not limited to, daycares, small commercial businesses, field offices, small RV or trailer parks, multi-family dwellings (duplexes, triplexes, apartment buildings), or multiple houses on a single property.

My facility is very small, am I really a Minor System?

If you have a well or other water source at your property or business that is not served by a public water supply, and you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may be a minor public water supply system.

  1. Do you have customers or employees?
  2. Is your building a multi-family dwelling? (Ex: Duplex, triplex, apartment)
  3. Do you have more than one living structure on a single lot or property?

Why does DEQ care about these small facilities?

The purpose of the minor public water supply program is to ensure that safe drinking water is supplied to a vulnerable population. This program was designed with public safety in mind and strives to protect renters, children, employees, and customers.

How do I apply to drill a well or become permitted?

Minor public water supply systems are required to be permitted by DEQ. If you believe your water system may be a minor public water supply system, please contact your local environmental specialist who will help you fill out a permit application. A list of the local offices can be found at Find Your Local DEQ Office or call 405-702-6100 for assistance.

How do I file an environmental complaint?
How do I obtain copies of my complaint record?
Call Central Records at (405)702-1188 or Email DEQ Central Records