State Emission Totals and Infographics

The annual Oklahoma Point Source Emissions Inventory is a data resource that utilizes emissions data to evaluate emission trends, support air dispersion modeling, aids in development of air quality rules, and air toxics risk assessment.

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The National Emissions Inventory (NEI) is a comprehensive and detailed estimate of air emissions of criteria pollutants, criteria precursors, and hazardous air pollutants from air emissions sources. The NEI is released every three years based primarily upon data provided by State, Local, and Tribal air agencies for sources in their jurisdictions and supplemented by data developed by the US EPA. The NEI is built using the Emissions Inventory System (EIS) first to collect the data from State, Local, and Tribal air agencies and then to blend that data with other data sources.  More information can be found:

Scroll below for DEQ’s interactive NEI dashboard.

Summaries of annual emissions from all Oklahoma permitted facilities are available to be downloaded as excel spreadsheets. These reports are provided as a basic informational resource for the general public.

For questions or to request specific emissions data, please contact us.

The most current Oklahoma NEI criteria pollutant and criteria precursor emissions data are presented in a series of maps. Individual pollutants in tons per square mile per county are represented on state maps.

Click pollutant names for pollutant information. Click thumbnails for full map.
SO2Sulfur Oxides

VOC – Volatile Organic Compounds (precursor for Ozone)

The Emissions Inventory section is currently developing infographics based on state and national emissions inventory data.

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NEI Dashboard

DEQ has created an interactive dashboard to explore Oklahoma’s triennial NEI data.