Documents for Public Review

The Air Quality Division (AQD) regularly posts documents for public review and/or comment. For some items, we provide email/text announcements when a document is available for public review. Sign up for Air Quality Public Notices

Air Quality Public Participation Guide (PDF)

Proposed Rules for the Air Quality Advisory Council Meetings

Any changes to Air Quality Rules (“OAC 252:100” or “Chapter 100”) must go through the Air Quality Advisory Council (AQAC). The Council generally meets in January, June, and October. Check the Council web page for specific meeting dates. Proposed rules will be available at least 30 days before the council meeting. Sign up for our Council mailing list to receive meeting notices and agendas.

Permits for Public Review

Draft Permits for Public Participation – The public is allowed to review and possibly comment within a 30-day period on the following draft permits:

  • Major source construction permits
  • Title V (TV / Part 70) operating and TV renewal permits
  • Significant modifications to major source construction and TV operating permits

This period starts from the date of Notice of Publication. The start date provided may not always be the publication date. Sign up for our Air Permits mailing list to receive notice of permits for public review.

Air Permits Open for Public Petition

Monitoring – Annual Network Review

AQD operates a network of ambient (outdoor) air monitoring sites across Oklahoma. The Air Monitoring Network Plan, which details DEQ’s planned changes to the ambient monitoring network, is available annually in June for public review. View final plans on our Air Monitoring page.