Institutional Controls Web Viewer

The DEQ has a mandatory, recordable notice (deed notice) statute in its Environmental Quality Code (27A Oklahoma Statutes § 2-7-123). When a response action is taken at a Superfund site, or when a risk based cleanup action is taken at a remediation site, we are required by law to file a notice of remediation in the county land records. This map displays all Brownfields, Voluntary Cleanup, SCAP, and Superfund sites that have had institutional controls placed on the property, and all sites that have been awarded a Brownfield Certificate through the DEQ’s Brownfields Program. This map also has some RCRA and Solid Waste institutional controls.

By clicking on each site, a pop-up window will open which has links to the documents that outline the land use controls placed on the property and provide the full and complete legal description of the property. The legal descriptions should be used to identify the location and size of a site. Every precaution has been taken to ensure that the location is properly placed on the map; however, data errors may occur.

In 2017, DEQ completed the Institutional Controls Effectiveness (ICE) Project to ensure that all Institutional Controls were still in place and that the sites are in agreement with the intended land use and engineering controls. DEQ performs this project every five years.

Institutional Controls 5 year Review Report

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