Lead Testing in Schools and Child Care Facilities Drinking Water (LWSC) Program

Lead was a common component of faucets and plumbing until 1986 when it was banned due to its detrimental effects on public health and child development. While most new pluming is considered lead-free, it is still possible for homes, businesses, and schools to have lead-containing plumbing components. Fortunately, there are ever evolving programs being implemented at the state and federal level to reduce and remove lead contamination in public drinking water.

DEQ’s Lead Testing in Schools and Child Care Facilities Drinking Water (LWSC) Program is leading the way in an effort to eliminate lead from public drinking water, especially for one of the most at risk populations, our children. Public schools and public or private childcare facilities who participate in the program receive free sampling and laboratory testing to identify problem areas, and guidance on steps to eliminate lead from their facility’s drinking water. Read more below to learn about the program and the efforts being taken to keep our children safe.

General Information

Learn more about the history of lead in drinking water

Schools/ Child Care Facilities

Learn how to remove and reduce lead exposure in your school

Parents/Los Padres

Learn more about how lead can impact your community/Aprende más sobre los impactos del plomo en su comunidad


Learn how to get involved to remove lead from your school
Student Volunteer Program Application
The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality’s Lead Testing in Drinking Water in Schools and Childcare Facilities is offering outside volunteering opportunities to high school or older students. The program involves completing an inventory of every drinking fixture in the school with a DEQ employee, and then sampling those fixtures. If you or a student you know is interested click on the link below for the application form.

Student Volunteer Program for Lead in Schools Program

Student Volunteer Program for Lead in Schools Program

Program Reports

Click the link below to view the most recent program statistics report that illustrates key program information and metrics such as total participants today, remediation measures taken, and sample results summaries. Reports are updated quarterly.

2024 1st Quarter Report


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