Fill out the appropriate application below based on your facility type (public school or child care facility). There are options for online and mail-in applications.

All sampling results from schools and child care facilities will be made public on DEQ’s website. For further details, questions, or concerns please contact our Program Lead at 405.702.8147 or


Downloadable Application

Online Application


Downloadable Application

Online Application

Plumbing Overview Form: Downloadable / Online

Application Forms Tutorial Video

Please send mail-in applications to:
Department of Environmental Quality
P.O. Box 1677
Oklahoma City, OK 73101

What to Expect Next

Once your application has been reviewed, a DEQ representative will contact you to schedule an initial inventory. After the inventory, a sampling kit will be prepared and you will be contacted for an appropriate sampling date and time. Keep in mind, sampling events must be done early in the morning and during a normal school week in order to get the most accurate results. Once complete all samples will be sent to the lab for analysis.

After the lab has analyzed the samples and sent the results to the LWSC program coordinator, you will then receive a copy of the results, along with a summary of any lead exceedance locations. In the event of a lead exceedance you will be provided with remediation suggestions and assistance. After all remediation efforts are implemented DEQ will conduct a resampling event to ensure that the issue has been resolved.

For more details and a step-by-step guide please visit DEQ’s Lead Testing in Schools Program webpage.