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Effective July 1, 2022, the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality will begin assessing customers a merchant fee in the amount of 2.25% of the amount due if paying via credit or debit card.

Additionally, a portal fee of $2.00 will be charged for each transaction paid by a credit or debit card.

For questions regarding the above-referenced transaction fees or to inquire about payment options, please email or call (405)702-1130.

DEQ also accepts checks, money orders, and cash.
However, the State Environmental Laboratory does not have a cashier. Any person paying with cash will have to take an estimated charges report to the second floor cashier. This will require passage through security. The receipt of payment must then be returned to the laboratory sample receipt area as proof of cash payment.


** Cooler Shortage Notice **


About Laboratory Entry Level Positions

So you want to put on the blue coat?! There are several career paths available when when you join the SELS. SELS staff work on a regional and state level of providing assistance and services to the citizens of Oklahoma. If you are interested in joining our amazing team, apply by clicking on the OK Jobs button to view available positions (position details below).

Environmental Chemical/Laboratory Scientist

Laboratory Scientist

Level I

Typical Duties

  1. Perform environmental testing on public and private water, hazardous waste, soils, and biological tissue in support of state and federally funded environmental projects using approved standard operating procedures and work instruction documents.
  2. Prioritize, and plan analysis on assigned samples including required quality control according to State Environmental Laboratory (SEL) policies. Review, validate and accurately enter all sample results, quality control data and quality assurance information into the laboratory information management system and quality control databases.
  3. Thoroughly document all actions and decisions associated with the generation of analytical data.
  4. Perform maintenance on instruments and equipment used in analysis as needed.
  5. Assist with the inventory control of all supplies and consumables required to perform testing.
  6. Assist with general housekeeping to include sample control and disposal.
  7. Conduct all work in accordance with the Laboratory Safety Manual, Laboratory Quality Assurance Plan, Data Quality Management Plan, and SELS Ethics Program.
  8. Assist with the review and development of technical and operational SOPs and work instruction documents.


Bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biological, or environmental science.


Field Scientist

Level I

Typical Duties

  1. Develop the expertise to collect a variety of environmental samples in support of drinking and wastewater compliance, public health emergencies, and environmental investigations and performs required field testing.
  2. Provide technical training and sampling assistance to both SEL customers and DEQ personnel.  Manage sample schedules for public water supply & analysis.
  3. Develop knowledge of regulatory requirements as they relate to lab accreditation and certification as well as analytical and field competency.
  4. Perform maintenance on field and lab instruments and equipment as needed or required.
  5. Thoroughly document all actions, decisions and observations associated with field collection and analytical data.
  6. Interpret and evaluate field and analytical data to assess risk to public and environmental health and impact.
  7. Assist with the review and development of technical and operational SOPs and factsheets.
  8. Conduct all work in accordance with the Agency and Laboratory Safety Manuals, Laboratory QAP and Ethics Program, EPA, PWS, NPDES, and RCRA sampling protocols.


Bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biological or environmental science.

Environmental Program Specialists

Level I

Typical Duties

  1. Provide technical and sample collection assistance to customers utilizing the SEL.
  2. Log, receive, and accession samples into the SEL.
  3. Manage sample schedules, train, and provide sampling support for public, private, and inter agency customers using the SEL for analytical services.
  4. Maintain an inventory of sampling supplies.
  5. Provide basic analytical support (i.e. pH and Specific Conductance).
  6. Assist with the review and creation of SOPs.


Bachelor’s degree with at least 24 semester hours in a physical, natural, or biological science, chemistry, geology, hydrology, physical geography, epidemiology, environmental science, environmental health or civil, agricultural, environmental, geological or chemical engineering.


Administrative Technician

Level I

Typical Duties

  1. Answering phones
  2. Floor receptionists
  3. Customer service
  4. Technical assistance
  5. Records management
  6. Inventory
  7. Scheduling
  8. Administrative Support


  1. Ability to actively learn and consistently follow established Standard Operating Procedures
  2. Distribute analytical testing materials and tests results to laboratory customers
  3. Provides technical assistance to public water systems and private citizens
  4. Maintain and archive business records on behalf of the division and laboratory
  5. Perform quality assurance reviews on business correspondence, products, and deliverables; follow up on discrepancies
  6. Participate in inventory related activities to ensure that divisional information and resources are properly managed and maintained
  7. Maintain basic office equipment in working order, contribute to operation needs assessments
  8. Maintain divisional attendance calendars, schedule meetings and room reservations for divisional personnel
  9. Provide administrative support for divisional management as needed or assigned using the Microsoft Office Suite

Undergraduate Internship Program

An undergraduate internship consisting of a temporary position for students enrolled in an institution of higher education and working toward an undergraduate degree.

Technical Temporary

A temporary placement program for graduates consisting of a technical position on a short term basis to gain experience and skills in a laboratory setting.  Laboratory, field, customer, and administrative activities may be included.


Interested in touring our laboratory? SEL gives tours to all ages! We want you to get the most out of the tour so contact us and we can arrange a tour based on your interests and age level. From college students to elementary students, we have done an array of tours.Please fill out the Lab Tour Form and we can better assist you. We would love to see you!