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Customer Feedback and Survey Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I leave feedback?

    Answer: Feedback, both positive and negative, assists us in developing better communications with our customers. We wish to know what we can do to better serve you. Evaluating your suggestions, recommendations, criticisms, and complaints helps us identify areas to work on and improve.

  2. If I leave negative feedback, will it impact me or my relationship with SELS?

    Answer: We truly value what you have to say. Receiving a complaint about our services is not ideal to us, but sometimes we make mistakes or fails to see an area of improvements. Your eyes and voice are critical to help us find these areas. We will not hold this against you. We will listen with confidentiality and respect to you.

  3. I do not have criticism but I do have a suggestion that would help smooth out interactions with you. Do you want to hear those too?

    Answer: YOU BET! We know you have good ideas and we want to hear them! If your idea is something we can incorporate into our business practices, we will definitely discuss your idea and try to make it happen! We will even give you a call back (if you leave us your info) to let you know how you were able to make us better!

  4. What happens during the complaint process should I file a complaint?

    Answer: Delegated SELS staff and managers will review your complaint. We will then perform an investigation to see if we can figure out what happened. Once we determine that, we will discuss things we can change with our business practices to fix whatever caused your complaint. We will implement changes to fix or prevent the problem from happening again. After we have corrected whatever caused the problem, we will contact you if you would like us to and let you know what we did on our end to prevent the problem from happening. You will then have the option of filling out an additional form to let us know if you are happy with how we did or did not resolve your complaint. We will use these forms to see how we are doing when resolving our customers’ complaints.

  5. The thing I want to complain about happened several months ago. Can I still tell you about it?

    Answer: Absolutely! There is no time limit for providing feedback. We would prefer to correct any issues  with our service as soon as we can, so we prefer to receive surveys as soon as possible, but we review and assess all feedback received.

  6. I do not want to file a complain, but I experienced a negative situation that I want you to know about. How do I deal with this?

    Answer: Feel free to complete the survey form and tell us about the situation so we can look at it. You can check the “No” box where we ask you if you want us to contact you and that will ensure that your feedback is not considered a complaint.