LWSC Results


About the Report
Each outlet sampled at the facility will have its own Sample ID along with a description and results of any sampling conducted, both initial and follow-up (if applicable). Results are color coded by initial sampling. Any remedial action taken is also listed. For a more detailed explanation, read the “Interpreting Lead Testing Results” fact sheet below.

Interpreting Lead Testing Results *New

Schools and child care facilities are listed alphabetically by district and then name. Click on the school or child care facility name below to view the results.

Broken Arrow Public Schools
Crooked Oak Public Schools
Forest Grove Public Schools
Frontier Public Schools
Gypsy Public Schools
Haworth Public Schools
Tushka Public Schools
Valliant Public Schools



Note: Reports may include samples from multiple sampling dates for the same outlets. This is normal if lead was detected. Follow-up sampling events are necessary after the facility has taken a remediation action to reduce lead.

If you do not see you child’s school or child care facility listed, contact your facility administrator to learn more about their involvement in testing and reducing lead in drinking water.  Only schools and facilities who have progressed to the sampling phase and have results available are listed.

If your child’s school is also a public water supply, it is required to follow the regulations in the Safe Drinking Water Act and could be already required to sample for lead in drinking water under the federal Lead and Copper Rule. You may request the system’s test results by contacting the public water supply.