Air Quality Funding Opportunities

DEQ manages several programs that provide opportunities for funding that apply to various entities. The Clean Diesel (DERA) program has been a recurring program for many years and often focuses on clean school bus replacements. DEQ also administers programs through the Volkswagen Settlement Fund. The Alternative Fuel School Bus program and ChargeOK (Oklahoma Electric Vehicle Grant Program) have a similar goal to promote alternatively-fueled vehicle use throughout the State of Oklahoma in order to reduce emissions and promote healthy air quality. The On-Road Program is designed to replace older trucks and transit buses with cleaner models.

For more information on the Volkswagen Settlement see the Important Documents on the Volkswagen Home Page and the Volkswagen History Page.

Current Programs

The Oklahoma Volkswagen Settlement Program has funded four active programs:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Past Programs

DEQ has been operating the Clean Diesel (DERA) program since FY 2008. Recipients for the new Volkswagen Settlement programs have been published. For more information please visit the Air Funding Program Recipients page.