Land Protection Division Funding Opportunities

To further DEQ’s mission of protecting air, water, and land for all Oklahoman’s, DEQ has the following funding opportunities, subject to availability, in the form of grants and reimbursement programs.

LPD Funding Opportunities Brochure



These programs provide solid waste management and recycling related grants.

Environmental Officer Grants

– To curtail illegal dumping by providing funding for a part-time Environmental Officer.

Solid Waste Equipment Grants

– To purchase solid waste management equipment such as brush chippers, balers, composting equipment, and more.

Recycling Collection Event Grants

– To host community events for the collection and proper disposal or recycling of electronic waste, household hazardous waste, tires, and more.

Food Waste Management Grants

– For a wide range of projects that reduce wasted food by diverting from disposal to higher use or reuse such as community food recovery programs.

Professional Services Grants

– For solid waste technical assistance, sustainability, education, beatification, clean-ups, and more.

Recycling Tire Market Development Grants

– To encourage the use of recycled tire materials in things like playgrounds or asphalt trails.


Theses programs provide assistance with assessment and/or cleanup of environmental hazards.

Community Revitalization Program

– Provides assistance to municipalities for the assessment and/or cleanup of sites or buildings with environmental hazards like asbestos and lead based paint.

Brownfields Revolving Loan Program

– Provides environmental cleanup assistance for eligible entities in the form of low-interest loans and subgrants.

Targeted Brownfields Assessments

– Provides free environmental assessments and sampling for non-profit and government entities interested in developing abandoned or underused properties.

Tire Dump Cleanup Assistance

– Provides tire dump cleanup assistance for eligible public and private.


These programs provide assistance to public schools and daycare facilities.

School Chemical Disposal Program

– Provides a free one-time disposal of unused, outdated, and potentially dangerous chemicals from public school laboratories.

Lead in Drinking Water Abatement Program

– A partnership with the Lead Testing in Schools and Child Care Facilities Drinking Water Program to remediate lead impacted drinking water fixtures public schools and daycare facilities.



Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Equipment Reimbursement Program

– Provides protective equipment and training to Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC’s).