Vance Air Force Base

Vance Air Force Base facility

EPA ID No: OK4571524095



140 Channel Street, Building 288

Vance AFB, OK 73705

Facility Contact:


Gail Hamill

(580) 213-6303




Vance Air Force Base is a military installation located on the southern side of Enid. Due to numerous activities involving the maintenance and operation of aircraft, various hazardous wastes are generated. Historical contamination exists in the groundwater and consists of both fuel and chlorinated solvent contamination. The post-closure permit addresses this contamination. Due to various remedial measures; the contamination has been contained within the boundaries of the base. The Installation Restoration Program has identified numerous sites throughout the base at which remediation activities are occurring. Groundwater collected from sampling activities and interceptor collection trenches, is piped directly to the Central Groundwater Treatment Facility. The majority of groundwater monitoring occurs annually.

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