Holly Frontier Tulsa Refining LLC – East

EPA ID No: OKD990750960



P.O. Box 21001

Tulsa, OK  74101-1001

Facility Contact:


Brian Moore

(918) 594-6626


Holly Refining and Marketing operates the Holly Tulsa East Refinery (f.k.a. Sinclair Refinery), which has two land treatment units where wastes remain in place after their closure. The closed units are known as the Flare Area Land Treatment Unit and the Walnut Grove Land Treatment Unit. Holly has obtained a post closure permit for the units, which requires, among other things, groundwater monitoring, maintaining vegetative cover, maintaining surface water run-off, and corrective action on petroleum contaminated groundwater beneath the site, as necessary.

NOTE: some of the permit files may take some time to download because of their size.