Clean Harbors Lone Mountain Facility, LLC

Clean Harbors Lone Mountain Facility

EPA ID No. OKD065438376



40355 S. County Rd 236

Waynoka, OK  73860-6302

Facility Contact:


Jay Adair

(580) 697-3500





The Clean Harbors Environmental Services Lone Mountain Facility is located in Major County, south of Waynoka and west of Fairview. The Lone Mountain Facility has a hazardous waste permit authorizing storage, treatment, recycling, and disposal of a wide variety of hazardous wastes. The largest-scale activities are disposal, treatment, and storage. Storage occurs in tanks, roll-off boxes, drums, and similar containers. Treatment processes include pH adjustment, stabilization and blending for solidification.  Disposal is limited to disposal of wastes meeting the Land Disposal Restrictions in RCRA-permitted landfill cells. This facility has previously been operated by Safety-Kleen, Laidlaw and U.S.P.C.I.

NOTE: some of the permit files may take some time to download because of their size.