Cavenham Forest Industries LLC

Cavenham Forest Industries facility

EPA ID No: OKD010327948

Environmental Management Services, Inc.

7350 US Highway 98

Hattiesburg, MS  39402

Facility Contact:

Ethan E. Allen, RPG

(601) 544-3674

Cavenham Forest Industries, Inc. (CFI) operated a plant for the production of wood and timber products and used creosote for the treatment of these products to retard deterioration. The plant operated from 1946 to 1984 under different owners.

While operating, the facility used a system of surface impoundments for the treatment of wastewaters generated by the facility. When the facility closed, closure activities included removal of all wastes and sediments from the wastewater impoundments. The removed wastes were subsequently disposed in a permitted disposal cell specifically constructed on site for this purpose. The cell was capped in accordance with applicable RCRA regulations and the facility received a RCRA post-closure permit for monitoring of the cell, which includes monitoring of groundwater.

To address residual contamination from the original surface impoundments, CFI submitted a corrective action plan in 1995 to excavate, treat, and replace the soils in the surface impoundments, and to monitor the groundwater. These activities were completed in 2008 and DEQ issued a “No Further Action” determination for the closed impoundments, which included plugging of the groundwater monitoring wells associated with the impoundments.

While no further activities related to the closed surface impoundments are required, CFI continues its post-closure monitoring of the disposal cell, including the monitoring wells associated with the disposal cell.

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