Real Alloy Recycling, Inc.

Real Alloy Recycling, Inc.
Non-Hazardous Class I Injection Well


Real Alloy Recycling, Inc. (Real Alloy) is located in Creek County near the city of Sapulpa. Real Alloy is involved in the production of secondary aluminum and, to a lesser extent, secondary magnesium metal and magnesium anodes for cathodic protection. Aluminum beverage cans and aluminum and magnesium scrap and dross are imported into the plant and recycled into aluminum remelt scrap ingots, secondary magnesium ingots, and magnesium cathodic protection anodes. This facility has been in continuous operation for almost 36 years on this site. The injection well is operated for the disposal of non-hazardous ammonia and chloride-contaminated storm water runoff, leachate and seepage from their closed non-hazardous industrial waste landfill and non-hazardous process waste water which is stored in a retention lagoon on-site.

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P.O. Box 1070
Sapulpa,    OK 74067

Jim Bloomer
(918) 224-4746