Befesa Zinc US, Inc

Befesa Zinc US, Inc
Two Non-Hazardous Class I Injection Wells


Befesa Zinc US, Inc., is located adjacent to the City of Bartlesville in Washington County, and is no longer in operation. At one time, the facility produced various metals from the smelting and refining of zinc concentrates, secondary materials, and other zinc-rich materials. Beginning in 1980, the facility maintained a waste management system, including two lined impoundments, a process water treatment facility, and two deep injection wells for storm water and process water control. Part of the facility has undergone closure and corrective action and is now in post-closure under RCRA Permit #OKD000829440. The active portion of the facility was a recycling facility that received metallic-rich by-products from the Horsehead facility in Palmerton, Pennsylvania and recovered lead-rich feedstocks for sale to the lead processing industry and zinc feedstocks which are sent to other Horsehead facilities for further refinement into commercial grade zinc products. Process wastewater was injected into the injection wells following treatment in the facility’s wastewater treatment plant. This process discontinued in 2012 and the facility is currently not injecting into the injection wells


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P.O. Box 579
Bartlesville, OK 74005

Thomas W. Johnston

(865) 354-0955