DEQ Contacts

Topic Contact Division Phone
Bio-Monitoring Robert Battles WQD 405-702-8201
Boil Orders Jennifer Alig WQD 405-702-8219
By-Pass Reporting - Industrial Angela Ratcliff WQD 405-702-8146
By-Pass Reporting Municipal Melvin Tucker WQD 405-702-8217
Certification/ Water and Wastewater Operators Water Quality Division WQD 405-702-8100
Certification/401 Elena Jigoulina WQD 405-702-8200
Construction Permits for Water/Wastewater Systems Rocky Chen WQD 405-702-8140
Continuing Planning Process (CPP) Joe Long WQD 405-702-8198
Discharge Monitoring Reports, Industrial, North of I-40 Angela Ratcliff WQD 405-702-8146
Discharge Monitoring Reports, Industrial, South of I-40 Lynzie Chan WQD 405-702-8243
Discharge Monitoring Reports, Municipal, North of I-40 Charles Garcia WQD 405-702-8220
Discharge Monitoring Reports, Municipal, South of I-40 Wayne Morey WQD 405-702-8138
Drinking Water (Public), Monitoring and Compliance Michele Welch WQD 405-702-8127
Drinking Water (Public), Technical Travis Archer WQD 405-702-8172
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) Loans Eddie Rhandour WQD 405-702-8104
E. Coli in Drinking Water Jennifer Alig WQD 405-702-8219
Electronic Reporting System Paul Parks WQD 405-702-8188
Enforcement/Industrial Wastewater/Stormwater Brian Clagg WQD 405-702-8118
Fees (PWS & NPDES Permits) Sherri Tilley WQD 405-702-8218
Fire Hydrants (Installation Permit) Rocky Chen 405-702-8140
Forms/ Operator Certification Elizabeth Davis WQD 405-702-8280
Industrial Pretreatment Roshini Nambiar WQD 405-702-8132
Industrial Wastewater Compliance - North Angela Ratcliff WQD 405-702-8146
Industrial Wastewater Compliance - South Lynzie Chan WQD 405-702-8243
Study Guides/ Operator Certification Elizabeth Davis WQD 405-702-8280