Electronic Reporting

DEQ utilizes a combination of various online applications to enable electronic reporting for Public Water Supply lab results and for NPDES Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs).  The hub of this system in the Electronic Reporting System (ERS) which enables DEQ to verify the identity of each user and  allows the user to electronically sign documents to be submitted for compliance purposes.  The Lab-to-State system is utilized by drinking water laboratories to submit sample results from Public Water Supply Systems and wastwater DMRs can be prepared and submitted via the E2 application.

For assistance with the DEQ Electronic Report System and your electronic submittals, contact:

  • Hudson Haws – (405) 702-8218 (Wastewater Facilities)
  • Keri Jernigan – (405) 702-6206 (Stormwater Facilities)
  • Erin Lovelady – (405) 702-8231 (PWS Laboratories)
Drinking Water Lab Results

TCR Lab Spreadsheet (Excel Spreadsheet for creating XML to submit TCR Sample Results)

CSV Templates for submitting Lab Samples and Results (ZIP file with configuration, examples and instructions for submitting data in Comma Separated Values (CSV) format)

Contact Erin Lovelady at (405) 702-8231 for assistance with submitting Drinking Water Lab Samples and Results.