Lead Testing Process

Lead Testing Process Overview

  1. Upon receipt of the samples and CoC forms from participating facilities by the SELSD, SELSD staff will check received samples against the information documented on the CoC form. All field notes and reporting will be recorded on the CoC form. Any discrepancies will be brought to attention of the project organizer for resolution.
  2. All samples taken via this program will be analyzed by the SELSD using EPA Method 200.8. Laboratory analysis will be conducted in accordance with the SELSD Data Quality Manual and Quality Assurance Plan (2019).
  3. After analysis by the SELSD, the raw data will undergo QA reviews in accordance with the SELSD Data Quality Manual. Once complete, the SELSD will generate a report entitled “Report of Analysis” for each facility’s set of analyzed samples. The report will be generated in Portable Document Format (PDF) with lead results presented in micrograms per liter (µg/L)



EPA Method 200.8

SELSD DATA Quality Manual

SELSD Quality Assurance Plan