Wasteload Allocations & 208 Plans

A Wasteload Allocation (WLA) is the allowable amount of a pollutant that can be discharged from a facility while still achieving water quality standards in the waterbody receiving the discharge. Wasteload Allocations are included in the State’s Water Quality Management Plan as a component of the facility’s “208 Plan.”


Wasteload Allocation and 208 Plan Modification Process

Wasteload Allocation Approval Process for All New Dischargers.

  1. Official letter from the Designated Management Agency (DMA) requesting to discharge
  2. Discharger submits an Alternatives Report- A report that explains why discharging is the most feasible option (Oklahoma CPP page 158).
  3. The discharger will submit a workplan providing details of how data will be collected and how that data will be used in a model(s) to develop a WLA.
  4. Sampling may begin after the workplan is approved by DEQ.
  5. Development of a water quality model to determine the impact of oxygen demanding substances on the instream D.O. concentration.
  6. After the model and WLA report are submitted to DEQ, DEQ has 30 days to review.
  7. If there are no issues with the model and/or the report, the model files and report will be transmitted to EPA for technical approval. EPA Region 6 has 30 days to review the information.
  8. After EPA technical approval is granted and any EPA comments are addressed, a public notice of 208 Plan modification will be published.
  9. The public comment period is open for 45 days. If there is a significant interest based on comments received, then a public meeting will be scheduled.
  10. If a public meeting is warranted, notices will be sent out informing the public of the location and time of the meeting.
  11. DEQ will address all public comments received during public notice period and submit the final document to EPA for approval. EPA will have 30 days for final review.
  12. Subsequent to EPA approval, DEQ will update the 208 Plan for the facility with the new WLA.
  13. The approved WLA will be incorporated into the facility’s discharge permit.
Requesting a WLA/208 Modification for Municipal Dischargers

The Designated Management Agency (DMA) for the facility must send an official letter requesting a new WLA to the DEQ Watershed Planning Section. The letter should include the following information:

For a New Facility

  • The new facility treatment process;
  • the facility’s location;
  • the maximum design flow based on the 20-year population projection (in MGD);
  • the proposed receiving stream waterbody name and ID;
  • 20-year population projection;
  • an analysis of wastewater treatment alternatives.

For an Existing Facility

  • facility and permit ID;
  • facility location;
  • current receiving stream waterbody name and ID;
  • proposed modifications to their current WLA (including the reason for modification);
  • 20-year population projection.

The official request letter should be mailed to:

Watershed Planning Section
DEQ – Water Quality Division
P.O. Box 1677
Oklahoma City, OK 73101-1677
Requesting a WLA/208 Modification for Industrial Facilities

Industrial Dischargers can request a 208 Plan modification by submitting a monitoring workplan or wasteload allocation (WLA) report to the Watershed Planning section in the Water Quality Division of DEQ.

Calibrated Water Quality Model

A monitoring workplan is necessary for the completion of a calibrated water quality model.

Uncalibrated Water Quality Model

A facility may also perform water quality modeling without calibrating the model. An uncalibrated model does not require a monitoring workplan. Submittal of an uncalibrated model will result in a higher Margin of Safety (MOS) calculation for the WLA. The percent MOS required for a facility is based on system complexity. A 20% MOS is used for single source, while a 25% MOS is required for multiple sources.

Public Notices for 208 Plan Modifications

Active Public Notices for 208 Modifications are listed below.

Marshall County RWSD #1 – Water Quality Management Plan Modification Request

Water Quality Management Plan Modification Public Notice for Marshall County RWSD #1 – January 20, 2023 (Comment period ends March 6, 2023)


City of Blanchard – Water Quality Management Plan Modification Request

Water Quality Management Plan Modification Public Notice for the City of Blanchard – December 9, 2022 (Comment period ends January 23, 2023)

City of Blanchard Wastewater Treatment Facility – Draft Wasteload Allocation Report


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