Operator Certification Online Training Catalog



DEQ’s Operator Certification program is now offering a number of free online training opportunities. This is to enable operators to meet the additional training requirements of the revised 710 Rule. The new Professional Development Hours (formally called renewal hours) will not be required until July 1, 2021. To access these courses, simply select from the list below, watch the short video and answer a few questions. Enter your operator ID, using leading zeros if your Operator ID number is not six (6) numbers long, (i.e. 001234), and contact information.

Each course requires all of the questions be answered correctly in order to submit it for credit. If the Submit button is not visible, please review the video and your answers to make sure they are correct. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email at the address provided. We ask that you use personal contact and email information so that you will retain a copy of this record in the event you move to a new employer. You must complete four hours of videos in order to receive credit.


Course Name Credit Hours Instructor/Provider
Drinking Water
DWSRF AWOP 0.75 Candy Thompson (ODEQ)
Asset Management 0.50 Cody Cox (ODEQ)
Emergency Response 0.50 Jennifer Alig (ODEQ)
Data Quality and MOR Reporting 0.50 Emily Hoskin (ODEQ)
New Lead/Copper Rule 0.50 Laurelin Hodgson (ODEQ)
Iron and Manganese Treatment 0.50 Alex Dolan (ODEQ)
Sanitary Surveys 0.75 Audrey Plunkett (ODEQ)
Water System Math – Part 1 0.50 Kelly Matheson (ORWA)
Water System Math – Part 2 0.50 Kelly Matheson (ORWA)
Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) Reporting 0.75 Wayne Morey (ODEQ)
OKR04 Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems 0.25 Jordan Hultren (ODEQ)
OKR05 Industrial Stormwater 0.50 Jason Ma (ODEQ)
The Impact of Cannabis Grow Operations on Rural Water Systems 0.75 Brandon Bowman (ORWA)
Lagoons 1.00 Steve Wheeler (ORWA)
BOD5 0.75 Steve Wheeler (ORWA)
Drinking Water/Wastewater
Water Reuse 0.50 Kelly Pham (ODEQ)
Water Reuse Enforcement 0.50 Magen Kegley (ODEQ) and Michael Monterastelli (ODEQ)
Water Loss Auditing 0.75 Brandon Bowman (ORWA)
SoonerWarn 0.50 Mike Westmoland (ORWA)
Building Capacity from the Ground Up 0.25 Brandon Bowman (ORWA)
Energy Efficiency and Water Meter Testing 0.50 Jeff Jones (ORWA)
Risk and Resiliency Assessment and Emergency Response Planning – Part 1 0.25 Communities Unlimited
Risk and Resiliency Assessment and Emergency Response Planning – Part 2 0.50 Communities Unlimited
Risk and Resiliency Assessment and Emergency Response Planning – Part 3 0.50 Communities Unlimited
Risk and Resiliency Assessment and Emergency Response Planning – Part 4 0.75 Communities Unlimited
Leak Detection 0.50 Oklahoma Rural Water Association (ORWA)
Safety 0.50 Oklahoma Rural Water Association (ORWA)
Maintenance Management 0.25 Oklahoma Rural Water Association (ORWA)
Inflow and Infiltration 1.00 Steve Wheeler (ORWA)
COVID-19 Response
CWA Regulatory Issues in a Pandemic 1.00 Water Environment Federation
Pandemic Continuity of Operations (COOP) Essential Personnel 1.25 Water Environment Federation
CDC and EPA Wastewater Based Epidemiology (WBE) Program 0.25 Water Environment Federation
Operator Certification
New Requirements Under the Revised 710 Rules 0.25 Chris Wisniewski (ODEQ)
Operator Certification Program – Frequently Asked Questions 0.50 Leandra Callaway (ODEQ)
Operator Certification Program – Completing an Exam Application 0.50 Leandra Callaway (ODEQ)
Professional Development Requirements 0.50 Oklahoma Rural Water Association (ORWA)