As of January 14, 2021


The State Environmental Laboratory will attempt to remain open for business, but please be aware that we may have to limit our services and operations due to COVID-19. This could potentially result in reducing analytical capabilities or closing business to the general public.

According to the Seventh Amended Executive Order 2020-20, visitors to state agency buildings are required to wear masks.  Click on the following link for reference; OKC COVID-19 Ordinance

As a courtesy, you may drop your sample and paperwork in the bins following the Contactless Sample Delivery protocols outlined below.

Window service will not be provided to customers who do not wear a mask in the sample receipt lobby area.  This includes sample delivery, sample kits, payments and technical assistance.

If you need assistance, you can call our laboratory phone number and our staff will assist you over the phone; 405-702-1000.



SEL is enforcing CONTACTLESS SAMPLE DELIVERY in effort to reduce contact and community spread. Please do the following if you plan on bringing samples on site;
1. Leave your samples on the bench area in the lobby.
2. Make sure your samples are labeled or marked so that we can match them to your paperwork.
3. Make sure your paperwork- Chain of Custody- is complete. Please leave a phone number so that we can call you if needed about your samples.
4. Sign your Chain of Custody, Date and Time
5. For new customers or if your information has changed, complete a Customer Profile form (available on site).
6. Let us know if you need us to process a payment- credit card or check only.



Sampling supplies are only available for Acute Health Risk testing only. This includes the following test;
1. Total Coliforms/Bacteria
2. Nitrate/Nitrite
3. Lead, Arsenic
Please take the number of containers you need only. If you need more supplies, please call our laboratory at 405-702-1000 or send us an email to


In case of reduced services, only Public Water Supply and Emergency Response samples will be accepted.

This page is subject to change so please check back often as well as all of our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) when new information becomes available.  Remember to stay home if possible, wash your hands, and follow the Oklahoma State Department of Health for the latest information on COVID-19.