Sample Kit

Participating facilities will receive sample kits in a sealed shipping container from the SELSD. Ensure that the following items are in the sample kit. If any item is missing, immediately call 405-702-1000 for assistance.

  • Sample Containers: two 250 mL plastic bottles for every drinking water outlet is included
  • Sample Labels:  Sample barcode labels will have the identifying sample location code for each outlet pre-printed on the label; sample codes include the building number, floor number, room number or id, P (primary first draw sample) or F (flush sample), and a sequence number.  The outlet inventory form that you submitted is used to create these codes.
  • Chain of Custody Form
  • Collection Instructions: instructions for sample collection, chain of custody completion, and sample delivery
  • Return mailing label
  • Outlet Inventory/Sampling Plan copy
  • Facility Map- if provided
  • Shipping boxes- keep the boxes that your kit arrives in for returning samples