Tulsa Cement LLC

Lafarge Tulsa Cement LLC facility

EPA ID No: OKD064558703



2609 N. 145th East Avenue

Tulsa, OK  74116

Facility Contact:


Joseph Marini

(214) 432-2017




Tulsa Cement LLC manufactures cement in two rotary kilns operating at temperatures up to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Fuels for the kiln include coal, natural gas, and methane gas from a nearby solid waste landfill. Tulsa Cement LLC also has a permit to burn high BTU wastes such as spent solvents, which it calls Fuel Quality Wastes (FQW). The FQW is received in a permitted hazardous waste receiving and storage facility situated within the Tulsa Cement property, but owned by Systech Environmental Corporation. FQWs received at the Systech facility are stored in two large storage tanks, from which they are transferred by pipe to the kilns.

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