Hazardous Waste Disposal Plan FAQ

1. Who is required to have a disposal plan?

Disposal plans are required of all Oklahoma large quantity generators of hazardous waste. Out of state generators who ship waste to Oklahoma are also required to have a disposal plan. Do not include non-hazardous wastes on your hazardous waste disposal plan.

2. Are small quantity generators required to have a disposal plan?


3. I received an invoice for a disposal plan but I no longer generate hazardous waste or I do not ship hazardous waste to Oklahoma any longer. What do I do?

Write CANCEL across your invoice and return to the Department along with an explanation of why the disposal plan needs to be cancelled.  Please include any past due quarterly reports.

4. I received an invoice for a disposal plan and I have no idea what this is in reference to.

Your disposal plan was most likely completed by the disposal site as part of the disposal package. Call your disposal company to determine if that is the case. If they are paying for the disposal plan, forward the invoice to them.

5. How do I amend a disposal plan?

To add a new waste stream, you must complete the disposal plan application form and mail it to DEQ with the appropriate amount of money ($50 per waste stream).To add/delete waste codes or TSD facilities and DELETE waste streams: Submit an email HERE, include your EPA ID# with specific instructions of your request.  Those changes can be accepted through email.  Only adding waste streams, etc. requires a new application.

6. Who can sign my disposal plan?

Disposal plans must be signed by the generator. Consultants and contractors may not sign a disposal plan for the generator. Disposal plans signed by consultants and contractors will be deemed incomplete and returned to the generator.

7. How long will it take to have my disposal plan approved?

Once all required documentation (and it is completed correctly) and the appropriate fees are submitted, DEQ will attempt to complete your disposal plan in five days.

8. Can processing of my disposal plan be expedited?


9. How can I pay for my disposal plan or amendments?

DEQ accepts checks and purchase orders. DO NOT SEND CASH. Credit cards may be accepted with prior approval of Finance and Human Services. Call Accounts Receivable 405-702-1130 for approval. Checks should be made payable to the Department of Environmental Quality.

10. Can DEQ bill my receiving site for my disposal plan?

The Disposal Plan application allows for the generator to indicate third party billing. If the Disposal Plan does not list a third party billing location, the DEQ invoices the generator. If your receiving site has arranged to pay for the disposal plan, it is the generator’s responsibility to complete the application as such so the invoice can be sent to them.

11. How can I get a copy of my disposal plan?

You can get a copy of your disposal plan by clicking here and entering your EPA ID number in the box indicated.

We recommend using a browser other than Internet Explorer to get a copy of your disposal plan. Both Chrome and Mozilla are compatible with the web app.

If the web application generates an error after you enter your EPA ID No. You may be using a browser that is not compatible when our disposal plan software. It does not work for Internet Explorer versions higher than 9. If your version of IE is 9 or lower you should refresh your browser or purge the browser’s cache.

To force the application to run under IE 10 do this: From the “Tools” menu, select “F12 developer tools”. From this screen (at window bottom), click the button on the menu that says “Browser Mode: IE10”. A drop-down list will be displayed. Click “Internet Explorer 9”.

To force the application to run in IE version 11, click on tools on the tool bar. Select compatibility mode. Enter the address for the web page. (Hint copy it from the address in the address box of your browser.) Select add. Click on done to save your work. You only need to do this the first time you add it.

12. Do I have to use the current disposal plan application form?

DEQ will only accept disposal plan applications on the current form. You may download this form by clicking here. This is necessary to facilitate the transition to electronically submitted disposal plan applications.

13. Should I include asbestos or other non-hazardous wastes on my disposal plan?

Do not include asbestos, used oil or other non-hazardous wastes on your disposal plan. Only wastes defined as hazardous wastes by federal regulations (40 CFR 260-277) need to be on your disposal plan. If you list non-hazardous wastes on your disposal plan, you MUST comply with all hazardous waste regulations for that waste because placing on your disposal plan declares it to be hazardous waste.

14. Can I amend my disposal plan by calling the DEQ?

Changes to disposal plans cannot be made based on a phone call. See question 5.

15. I received an invoice for a disposal plan that I have already paid. Who can help?

If you have questions regarding any invoice, you need to talk to Accounts Receivable Help Desk 405-702-1130.

16. The link I use for getting the Disposal Plan Generator Listing is not working.

If you get an error message for a disposal plan that you are sure is good, email the DEQ webmaster so that the web server can be restarted. To get the Disposal Plan Generator listing, click on the Land Protection Item on the Navigation bar or the sod house on the state map of the DEQ home page. The disposal plan generator listing link is on the right side of the page.

17. Why does the disposal plan application say do not reduce this form?

The fonts are too small to read if the form is reduced.

18. How long is my disposal plan good for?

Continuous disposal plans are automatically renewed annually. Invoices are mailed the month before the anniversary date. One-time Disposal Plans are good for 90-days. If you are generating and managing hazardous waste for more than 90-days, then you are a hazardous waste generator and subject to a Continuous Plan.

19. Why can I not use the DOT Shipping Description for the waste name?

DOT Shipping Descriptions are usually too vague to match up with a particular waste stream at most facilities. I.e., Hazardous Waste NOS conveys less information than plating waste.

20. I am required to place the disposal plan number on the new uniform hazardous waste manifest?

DEQ no longer requires the disposal plan number on manifests. The regulations were amended to remove this requirement in conformance with the federal uniform hazardous waste manifest regulations.

21. Can I pay my disposal plan fees with a credit card?

Yes. You may call Accounts Receivable 405-702-1130 with your credit card information and invoice details at hand.

22. How do I obtain a form W-9 from DEQ?

Call Accounts Receivable 405-702-1130. The FEI # appears in the upper right corner of your invoice below the DEQ mailing address.