Recycling Electronics

Thank you for taking the time to responsibly recycle your electronics.  Recycling electronics is important because they contain recyclable, hazardous, and ignitable materials as well as nonrenewable material, which have the potential to affect human health and the environment.

For businesses and organizations looking to recycle electronics in bulk, using an R2 or e-Steward Certified Recycler is highly recommended.

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For household electronic waste see below for options.


Recycling Computers & Monitors

  • Determine your equipment’s manufacturer.  Visit the manufacturer’s website for recycling/take-back information.

Drop Off Recycling Household Consumer Items

Home TV, video, computer, phones, batteries, bulbs

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Community Collection Event

Take your items to a Collection Event

Collection Events Schedule (click to expand)

Ask your community leaders if they plan to host an electronic collection event.

Other Recycling Resources