Clean Marina Program

The objectives of the Oklahoma Clean Marina Program (CMP) are to:

  • foster communication among various agencies and groups,
  • promote voluntary implementation of pollution prevention strategies, environmental risk reduction and fish and wildlife habitat enhancement,
  • provide education and outreach to encourage industry compliance with environmental laws and regulations impacting the marina industry, and
  • develop economic incentives and recognition for environmentally proactive marina operations.

By participating in the CMP, you can:

  • reduce pollution and improve water quality,
  • protect fish, plant and wildlife habitat,
  • enhance your image by promoting environmentally sound practices,
  • save money by adopting cost-effective best management practices, and
  • take advantage of free publicity through program promotions.

DEQ is revamping the Clean Marina Program, so please stay tuned for updated information! In the meantime, if you have questions or need additional information about this program, please let us know!

Cheryl Dirck, Environmental Programs Specialist
Department of Environmental Quality
Office of External Affairs
Phone: (405) 702-8179