Business Assistance

Technical AssistanceTwo men in a plant discussing compliance

Are you interested in environmental benefits and cost savings? DEQ staff are pioneers in their field and can provide businesses with cutting edge environmental assistance and help to identify and implement measures that reduce or eliminate pollution at its source.

We believe that the public’s health and environmental protection is best achieved through positive incentives rather than penalties. Further, a facility’s actions following discovery of a violation are relevant in determining the type and amount of any sanction. We encourage self-reporting, voluntary disclosure, and prompt action.

Compliance Assistance

We are here to help businesses, federal facilities, local governments, and tribes meet environmental requirements. DEQ staff can help you achieve compliance through one-on-one counseling, online resources, publications, and training.

We can help you understand the options available for compliance, which include:
•Pollution prevention
•Administrative and engineering controls

Small Business Assistance

Section 507 of the 1990 Clean Air Act requires that all U.S. States have a small business assistance program. The Small Business Assistance Program (SBAP) provides businesses free and confidential technical assistance on air quality and other related environmental requirements. The program is set up to help small businesses understand and comply with the Clean Air Act and Oklahoma’s environmental regulations.

Lloyd Kirk, Director
Office of External Affairs
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