Assistance for Communities & Local Governments

people meeting in large forumOne goal of DEQ’s Office of Business and Regulatory Affairs (OBRA) is to make regulatory compliance easier for communities and local governments, while considering their limited resources. For assistance, please AskDEQ or call (800) 869-1400

Technical Assistance

Are you interested in environmental benefits, cost savings, and improved quality of life for residents? OBRA can provide confidential technical assistance to local governments without the threat of enforcement.

DEQ and OBRA can assist in developing a broad understanding of environmental and health risks at the local level, setting priorities, and taking action to build healthy communities.

Regulatory Assistance

OBRA can help you with understanding environmental regulations, permit applications, and other information related to air quality, water quality, solid and hazardous waste.

Compliance Assistance

OBRA can help you achieve and/or maintain compliance with environmental regulations by helping you understand what laws apply to you, what you need to do to comply, and identify tools or resources to help you comply.

Resource: Local Government Environmental Assistance Network

Grant Assistance

A number of agencies provide financial assistance for various environmental or infrastructure improvement projects. DEQ and the Oklahoma Water Resources Board provide grants and low-interest loans to assist with water and wastewater infrastructure improvements. Through the Oklahoma Volkswagen Settlement Program, DEQ offers funding opportunities for projects that promote healthier air quality across the state.

EPA provides grants for a variety of environmental programs. Visit EPA Grants to learn about grant opportunities, how to apply, grant training, EPA rules and policies, and other information about EPA grants.

Smart Growth is another way EPA assists communities with improving their development strategies to protect our health and natural environment while making them more attractive, economically stronger, and socially diverse. Other Smart Growth grant opportunities can be found on Smart Growth Online.

Other agencies providing grants or loans include:
United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development
United States Economic Development Administration
Oklahoma City Area Indian Health Service

OBRA will assist with identifying other possible sources of funding assistance.