From the Executive Director

As Covid-19 continues to impact Oklahoma, our top priority remains delivering vital services, while maintaining a healthy workplace for our employees. With most employees working remotely, innovation has been key. The main DEQ office building and our local offices remain closed to nearly all outside visitors. In our central office, a contingent of dedicated employees has been available each workday to answer phones, process incoming mail, receive payments, and answer open records requests. State Environmental Laboratory employees have worked rotating schedules to make sure public and private water supplies remain safe. Permit applications have been processed, so Oklahoma businesses can continue to operate or reopen. Our local offices have continued to respond to environmental complaints, provide requested services for on-site sewer systems, and provide other technical assistance, while following Covid-19 guidelines regarding PPE and

In short, while many of our voluntary programs and services were temporarily curtailed, our core responsibilities continue unabated. I could not be more proud of the dedication of each employee to provide critical services to the citizens and businesses of Oklahoma in the face of this unprecedented challenge. As we slowly return some of our services that were reduced, we will continue to be here to help you and to deliver vital services to protect our air, land, and water.

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