From the Executive Director

We continuously evaluate how we can better serve you.  As part of our continuous improvement momentum, we plan to move ahead with a laser focus on bold, forward-thinking actions, designed to better enable us to make decisions based on common-sense, good science, and fiscal responsibility.

These initiatives will help us achieve our MISSION “to protect and improve public health and our environment” and our VISION “to lead the nation in fostering a healthy and sustainable future through effective and innovative environmental actions.”

Under the idea that government doesn’t have to be broken, one of these initiatives will be an in-depth evaluation of our agency processes (permitting, invoicing, reporting, etc.) to identify inefficiencies and ways to mitigate or eliminate wasted steps, so we can provide our services to you in a more timely and effective manner. We look forward to this effort and invite you to participate and stay tuned for progress updates that will be posted here on our website.


Stay safe Oklahoma!