Career Benefits at DEQ

Benefit Allowance

Each pay period, employees receive a generous benefit allowance to help offset the cost of health and dental care (depending on geographic location, several plans may be available), life insurance and disability premiums. Employees receive additional benefit allowances for eligible dependents. If the cost of coverage is less than the benefit allowance, the remaining money is included in employees’ gross pay. Employees can save even more money by having insurance premiums deducted before taxes, which lowers employees’ taxable income. For more information look at the Employee Benefits Division (EBD) Web site.

Longevity Pay

All full-time employees are eligible for annual longevity payments after completion of 2 years of employment with the State of Oklahoma.


Paid holidays are those recognized by Oklahoma law and those proclaimed by the Governor, typically 9-10 days each year.

Annual Leave

Full-time employees with less than 5 years service accrue 15 days of annual leave per year to use for vacations, personal business and time off not covered by other paid leave or holiday provisions.

Sick Leave

Full-time employees accrue 15 days of sick leave per year to be used when unable to work due to illness, injury, or for medical, dental, or optical examinations or treatment.

Enforced Leave

Employees can use sick leave – up to 10 days per year – for the illness, injury or death of a member of employees’ immediate family, or in the case of an extreme personal disaster.

Other Types of Leave

Include military leave, court or jury leave and organizational leave.


New employees will be enrolled into Pathfinders which is a defined contribution retirement savings program composed of a 401(a) plan for mandatory contributions and a 457(b) plan for additional voluntary contributions.
Other Benefit Plans