Certified Lead-Based Paint Professionals

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Certification Descriptions
  • Lead-Based Paint (LBP) Certified Firms are companies that employ LBP Contractors to conduct lead-based paint abatement projects, lead hazard screens, clearance inspections, lead-based paint inspections and/or risk assessments.
  • Inspectors may perform lead-based paint inspections and post-abatement clearance activities. Inspections are done to determine whether all or a portion of your home or child-occupied facility has lead-based paint, and where it is located.
  • Inspector/Risk Assessors may perform inspections, post-abatement clearance activities, lead hazard screenings, and risk assessment activities. Risk Assessors are trained to find other sources of lead in your home or child-occupied facility, such as lead in water, lead resulting from hobbies, etc. (not just lead-based paint). This will identify the areas in your home or child-occupied facility where lead-safe work practices should be used for renovation, repair, or painting jobs or for lead-based paint abatement.
  • Abatement Workers may conduct abatement activities (measures designed to permanently [20 years or more] eliminate lead-based paint hazards) under the direction of certified abatement supervisors.
  • Supervisors may supervise abatement projects and prepare occupant protection plans and abatement reports. Supervisors may also perform all of the abatement activities that may be performed by abatement workers.
  • Project Designers may prepare occupant protection plans and abatement reports for abatement projects after reviewing inspections and all possible methods of abatement. Project Designers may also design a plan to permanently (20 years or more) eliminate lead-based paint hazards in residential dwellings or child-occupied facilities.
  • Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Firms (and contractors certified under the RRP firm) perform renovations in homes or child-occupied facilities that have, or potentially have, lead-based paint contamination. The intention of the repairs or renovations is for aesthetic or repair reasons, but due to the age of the property and extent of the work, may also disturb lead-based paint.